Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

6 world famous perfume

For those who like to wear perfume to smell fragrant body's good to know about perfume what is now the world's top 10. So there's no harm in chasing these perfumes that are not outdated .

 Although the price is as expensive as diamonds, still charming "heart" of the lovers of beauty. At this time what perfume brands are the most expensive? Here are ten of the order: Bijan
Formulated by Bijan, designer clothing famous brands, the most expensive perfume, the fragrance has a strong and mysterious world of the east, every ounce (approximately 28 grams) cost 300 USD.

Recommended by Jean Patou, designer clothes from Paris, the fragrance of jasmine flowers can really bring joy to women, 230 USD per ounce.

European-style elegance, especially beraromakan jasmine and roses, mingled with the scent of the forest as the basic tone, every ounce of 200 USD.

Fragrant perfumes, best suited for women who are the most fashionable and romantic. Issued by the company Ungaro, 190 USD per ounce.

Oriental fragrance perfume, mysterious and full of charm, issued by the company YvesSaint Laurent (YSL), 175 USD per ounce.

Chanel No. 5
Marketed in 1921, the number "5" is a lucky number of MS. Chanel, in the serial high-quality goods, the chain of pearl watches, jewelry, all using the number "5" in the unit. The new bottle is opened beraromakan interest acetaldehyde while the last is the scent of Costus Root, # 5 flower aroma, with subtle explain beauty, elegance and gentleness characteristic of a woman, every ounce of 170 USD.


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