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Hidden facts about dragonflies

Dragonflies are one of the insects which we often see in certain places such as parks or around the home. Such as butterflies and bees, dragonflies are also experiencing a period of metamorphosis in his life. The difference is, insects butterflies suffered metamorphosis, while the dragonfly is not, or only have incomplete metamorphosis. Starting from the egg and then into larvae and eventually into an adult dragonfly can fly beautifully.

Here is the uniqueness of the dragonfly:
1. Dragonflies are one of the ancient insects, they already exist on earth since 300 million years ago. Largest dragonfly fossils ever found on e
arth has a wingspan the size of more than 3 meters.
2. This animal is an insect group Odonata with more than 5000 different species scattered throughout the world. In the United States alone there are over 400 species, especially Indonesia which is certainly more widespread dragonfly species that live.

3. We may often see a dragonfly above the water surface. Why is that? It turns out that a dragonfly on the water surface to put the eggs which then hatch into larvae. They are also very careful with the water surface area such that we often see two dragonflies are fighting each other to fight over territory.
4. Although it looks very beautiful, true dragonflies are insects that are malignant. Since the hatch from the eggs, they are carnivores who love to eat other animals. While still in the larvae, they feed on plankton, small fish and other larvae. In time they began to grow wings, the young dragonfly has a special body parts around his head that serves as a stick to make it easy catch small fish. In adulthood, dragonflies are natural predators of mosquitoes, so that many dragonfly populations can be effective in controlling the spread of mosquitoes in a place.
5. Almost the entire lifetime of the dragonfly is actually spent at the time of their larvae. Dragonfly larvae own lives about 3 years, after which they had morphed into a winged adult dragonflies. Adult dragonflies live only a few weeks because their goals are metamorphosed only to find a partner that be able to mate and was finally able to continue the descent.

6. Dragonfly's front wings are longer than the back of a dragonfly wing. This makes the shape of the wing like a dragonfly can fly very fast up to 50 km / h and can perform various maneuvers in the air from moving sideways, back up along the surface of the object.
Their expertise in flying their crown as the fastest insects on earth.
7. One of the most interesting things that exist in the form of dragonfly eyes. These insects possess large eyes with thousands of triangular-facet lens like the bees. With large eyes and triangular-facet, the dragonfly can see in every direction. This makes us a bit of trouble when they want to catch these animals, although from behind though.

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