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11 Top Dangerous Mountains

Cases of mountain climbing accident, was often heard. But did not deter the true adventurer to this dangerous hobby. Sometimes a challenge, and the desire to conquer the mountain so high that it does not create risks which would be hesitant acceptance when it fails. Here is a list of 11 most dangerous mountain for climbers because of the many victims of the stretchable life for trying to conquer it.

11. Fitz Roy , Argentina 

Cerro Chalten, or Mount Fitz Roy, is the highest mountain in Patagonia's Los Glaciares National Park. Fitz Roy is surrounded by steep rock climbers made ​​it difficult to reach the top. Unpredictable weather also makes it a very dangerous mountain. That is why, rarely climbers who want to try to climb Mount Fitz Roy. Within a year, only one brave climber who tried hard mountain.

10.Mount McKinley ( Denali) , Alaska 
Mt McKinley, also known as Denali, is the highest mountain in North America. Although its height is only 20 320 feet, but the terrain is no less difficult than other high mountains. Weather and temperature are the most serious thing in climbing this mountain. Hence the success rate climb this mountain only 50 percent, partly to give up before reaching the summit.

9.Mt.Everest , Nepal and China

Recorded over 1,500 people have been trying to climb the highest mountain in the world. Of this number only 50 more people who made ​​it to the top. When viewed from the height of this mountain, so undeniable that the most dangerous mountain in the world. If you intend to get there, you will find a camp below Everest, that is where Everest climbers come together.

8.Baintha Brakk (The Ogre) , Pakistan
 Latok Peaks and the Ogres thumb (225912483).jpg

Popularly known as the giant, Baintha Brakk is one of the most difficult mountain climb in the world. Began to climb the first time in 1971. One of the climbers who never felt the cruelty Baintha Brakk is Doug Scott, who had broken both his legs, and forced to crawl down against the storm to base camp. It was incredible, but it did not dampen the adventurous dangerous to try and try again. Death is not a scary thing for these climbers. Failure stories make this mountain is very famous in the world's most dangerous and has a matchless reputation.

7.Mt Vinson (Antartica)

Mt Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica. But it's not about height that matters, but the level of difficulty and the high death here, making the list of most dangerous mountains in the world. One more thing that might be a consideration of the climbers, the cold weather that can reach very extreme and unpredictable, making people have to think again if you want to try climbing. Beware, because even small accidents can be fatal.

6. The Matterhorn

This uniquely shaped mountain, which rises like a trumpet from the surrounding valley. The mountain is famous as one that has a high mortality rate. There are several factors that led, over rugged terrain, including snow or rock avalanches that can come tibe of the blue.

5. The Eiger

Also called Nordwand, or face at the top of the mountains north of Switzerland, is a legendary destination for hikers who enjoy adventuring in dangerous mountains. Recorded in 1938 began to climb. Dangerous terrain requires that climbers have a certain skill and should exert all his abilities. Rough terrain made ​​it earned the nickname mountain Mordwand or Murder Wall.


Kangchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world after Mount Everest and Chogori) with a height of 8586 meters (28 169 feet). This mountain is the tallest mountain on the Nepal-2. Kangchenjunga means "Five Treasures of Snow, because it consists of five peaks, four of which reached more than 8450 meters. Treasure symbolizes the five objects that belong to the god of gold, silver, gems, grain and holy books.

The death rate in this mountain, including the highest compared to the others, reaching 22 percent annually. Yet still many climbers who are interested in trying.

3.Nanga Parbat

Nanga Parbat is the ninth highest mountain in the world located in Pakistan. The level of difficulty, terrain mountain Nanga Parbat is called as dire as K2. Difficult terrain on the mountain makes it earned the nickname "The Man Eater". This could be because of the many climbers who have died here.


Mountain, located in the Athabasca River Valley of Jasper National Park, 1 ½ miles east of Mount Kitchener, Canada, this is the second highest mountain in the world and known for its terrain difficult in the world, so that only a climber who experienced it seems could climb this mountain . Even the route is considered the most mudahpun, requires hard work and quite complicated. Steep rocks, and have to cross the pillars of thin ice that can collapse at any time without warning. Difficulty mountain terrain makes it one of the most dangerous in the world. August last year into the darkest month, 11 climbers died horribly. This is the highest since the 1986 accident in which 13 climbers were killed in just two weeks.


Mount Annapurna is located in Nepal, has tinggia 8000 meters. Included in the top 10 highest mountains in the world, as well as one of Palin is dangerous because many climbers have died trying to conquer the field of Annapurna. Based on the record, since it was first opened to the general ascent in 1950, this mountain has claimed killed 53 climbers. If you want to try to climb Annapura, advisable seek as much information about the mountain terrain. It is best along the Annapurna Sanctuary in Nepal.

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