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Top 10 Terrible Disasters of All Time

World since the first, sometimes friendly, but not a bit of time that makes it scary world, successive disasters adorn our earth, and this is a terrible disaster top 10 world .

10 Peshtigo Wildfire,(Oct. 8, 1871) USA

You must belom ever heard of this disaster, but the wild fires that occurred in Peshtigo, Wis., causing charred more than 1 million acres of land there. Finally in October 1871, was crowned as the wild fires fires throughout U.S. history. Sparks plus a swing high winds could create a "tornado of fire" on the scene, and recorded 1,200 people have been victimized.

9. Storm of the Century, (March 12-15, 1993) North America

11 tornadoes, with the strength of the ice storm that carries rocks, hitting all parts of canada, the united states and cuba, ultimately due to hurricane strength so great, until now these storms are called "superstorm." This storm caused a loss of 6 billion U.S. $ and causing millions of survivors and 300 fatalities.

8. Great Chilean Quake, (May 22, 1960) Chile

Although the earthquake was not one of the most deadly earthquake or the most destructive in history, but in terms of power, it had the 9.5 earthquake magnitude . Ocurred in Valdivia, Chile. The quake caused 1,600 people dead and 2 million survivors. 


 7. The Super Outbreak, (April 3-4, 1974) USA

That can only be described at the time was 148 tornadoes are thugs ravage 13 states in America. This storm did not take place within 1-2 hours, but lasted for 24 hours straight. Finally in 1974, officially announced the news as many as 330 people dead and 5,000 wounded. When 148 tornadoes were combined, it will be covered an area of ​​2.500 storms mi / terms. 

 6. Tangshan, Earthquake, (1976) China

Sichuan earthquake killed 69.000 people. But, despite the extremely deadly Sichuan earthquake, but an earthquake can not be compared thangsan earthquake in 1976 in China. Thangsan earthquake killed more than 255.000, even by official data, the victim died was double that of those results. The quake measuring 7.5 on the Richter Scale.

5. Pompeii, (79 A.D). Italia

This incident occurred about 2,000 years ago, the year 79 AD There is a volcano named Vesuvius which erupted at the end of the day for a full day of release of funds and substances toxic ash that buried the town is very much up to the time it was called Pompei (the event is named pyroclastic flow).

4. Krakatoa (aka Krakatau), Aug. 26-27, 1883 Indonesia 

When Krakatoa erupted in an explosion on August 4th, 1883, the Indonesian volcano of Krakatoa releasing three cubic miles of magma and energy equal to the power of an atom bomb. The explosion heard up thousands of miles away. The explosion shocked the whole Pacific Ocean countries, the explosion caused the entire island of Krakatoa sank to the ocean floor and sank more than 100 surrounding islands and caused 36 000 deaths, mostly caused by the tsunamis. Ash from the explosion of Krakatoa even to New York via Air and Ocean, causing the drop in temperature around the world for a year. 

3. Hurricane Katrina and the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season , USA 

5 Types of Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast directly in August 2005 was a familiar thing. More than 1.800 people died because of hurricane Katrina that struck the buildings are built there without being able to withstand hurricane force. 80% area of ​​New Orleans flooded by water and the leaves of the tree branches flying very far. Is a warning from nature to always be aware of natural disasters that we will never know when it comes.

2. Indian Ocean Tsunami, Dec. 26, 2004 

All events are preceded by an earthquake - a very large earthquake. Earthquake with a magnitude of 9.1 on the Richter Scale rocked Sumetra, who was in the Indonesian archipelago. The quake occurred for 8 minutes off. However, an earthquake of that size is still the beginning of any disaster. After a while, the strongest recorded tsunami in history was formed and headed to 14 different countries. Death toll at 230 000 people and 1.7 million survivors. High water levels in the world rose sharply several feet in a few days, It is finally etched in history as a powerful tsunami that ever existed. 


1. "The Great Flood," (sometime a long, long time ago)

Maybe this event in history or even historical narrative, telling stories about events purification around the world, floods kill occurred in the whole world and to all races in the world, and many who survived thanks to Noah's Ark is sailing with the racial Sumerian, Indian and Native American legends and many more. And of course this is one of the legends: the whole world unite! Throughout the sinner will die! Species will be born again! But there's only one problem about this disaster: floods may never truly happen. 


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